To fit our objectives we use high-quality equipment which is appropriately maintained. Here are the types of equipment you will use while diving with us:


Blue Heaven Divers - Technical roomOur tanks are mostly 11.2L aluminium, but we also have 8L and 14L tank available if needed for children or big breathers :-). We fill all tanks at the dive centre to give us independence and be sure to avoid contaminated air.

Once a year our tanks are sent to the mainland for visual inspection and every 5 years they pass their hydro static exam.


We provide Aqualung regulator as it is a very reliable brand. During the dive, we mainly use unbalanced regulators, the “Calypso” model for DSD and for Open Water courses. If you are taking part in a fun dive or course above Open Water, we will give you a balanced regulator, the “Titan” model, these are more comfortable to breathe when you are an experienced diver and they are also quite light.

All of our regulators are serviced at least two times a year.

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

Our BCD’s are mostly Aqualung PRO available in size XXS to L.

All BCD’s have octopus and gauge holders as well as a whistle and are serviced every year.

Mask and Fins

Masks are Seapro, changed every year to keep them more comfortable and treated for antifogging  . Moreover all our mask have neoprene strap.

We also have masks with correctives lens of different degrees if needed.

Fins are open heel type with booties, making the entry easier.

Wet suits

Wet suits are 2mm shorty, available in XXS to XXL, most of which are only one year old. We also have some full suits, but not in every size. Water temperature is around 28 degree Celsius, so wet suits are not mandatory if you feel warm enough.

Uwatec Aladin computeurExtra care regarding safety and comfort

All our divers (except for DSD) will have Uwatec Aladin computeur if desire for their dives, as well as an SMB.

Equipment daily maintenance

There are two water tanks at the dive shop to rinse the equipment; one is dedicated to regulators, computers and cameras to prevent damaging delicate equipment.
A separate water tank for sterilization is available to prevent corona infection.