Now you know how to handle yourself underwater in various scuba-diving conditions, it is time to move onto more serious issues: How to prevent and manage scuba-diving emergencies.

The Rescue Diver is known to be one of the most rewarding courses, but also one of the most challenging, from it you will acquire a confidence you wouldn’t have expected from yourselves before. A lot of people also consider this course as the gateway to becoming a professional diver.

Rescue Diver Course

  • The first step is a review of your self-rescue skills (cramp, mask, out of air…).
  • The second step is to study the skills you will need to master with your instructor, this includes understanding how to make judgements about emergencies you may encounter while diving and also understanding the philosophy and psychology involved in being both a victim and a rescuer.
  • Finally, you will apply this theory in different exercises (underwater recovery of a victim, mouth to mouth, etc…).

At the end of the course some scenarios will test your new abilities.

First Aid Training or equivalent is required to participate in this course.

Approximate time: 3 days