Fun dive turtleCome with us to enjoy fun diving in the beautiful sea of Tioman!

Choose your date and discuss the dive sites. We will make every effort to bring you to the dive location you would like to visit. Do you prefer to see sharks and turtles? Are you more of an underwater landscape addict? Do you want us to show you tiny nudibranches you can’t find without a lens? Your choice is our choice (of course other divers and the weather will be involved in the decision; we can’t control the current yet) :-).

After your dive, have a seat at the dive centre and we will look through our library with you for the name and picture of what you saw underwater and if you’d like we are also happy to give you some advice on how to improve your dive skills.

Fun dive anemone fishTo ensure our dives are always good quality we will never take more than four people with one guide (exceptions will be made for groups of friends or family who want to dive together). We will also provide dive computers to all our divers.

If you want to learn more about dive sites around Tioman click here!



  • Please bring your certification cards and your log book so we can create groups of the same level.
  • People over 60 years old need to have a medical examination from a doctor prior to dive.
  • The boat always leaves with available drinking water and some snacks (surface interval tradition).