Aki & AikoWhen Aki, the owner and dive centre manager, arrived on Tioman Island in 1998 he initially worked as a freelancer. After couple of years he began to think about opening his own dive centre. The idea seems simple but it is hard to apply on a remote island: Is it possible to apply high quality standards here? In 2003, Blue Heaven Divers was born.

Blue Heaven Divers is a small and friendly dive centre which represents high quality in every way.

Do you want to enjoy your holidays with a great small diving team? Do you want to dive while being safe and under control? Do you want to choose the kind of dive site you visit? Then you will be happy to dive with BLUE HEAVEN DIVERS.

Our objectives …

Provide quality and a perfect experience to all of our divers.

We want to make sure you enjoy diving and your time spent on Tioman as much as we do (and some of us have been doing it for more than 20 years!).

Scuba-diving has to be handled with professionalism and safety; all of our staff are well trained to ensure this.

Another very important point is respect. Respect for each other, respect for the people living on the island and respect for the ecosystem offering us its beauty.

Special concern about the¬†environment…

Tioman is a marine protected area, an essential point of our philosophy and a strict dive centre rule is to minimize our negative impact as much as we can. It is completely forbidden to touch anything underwater, as well as to remove any marine life, dead or not.

Of course we are also more than happy to explain these rules and to help you to avoid accidental negative impact.

Finally, we are all friends and we want to include you in the diving family, no formal relations, you will be treated as equal as everyone else; warmly and friendly!

The Blue Heaven Divers Team