Are you ready to extend your horizon to a new world? Are you ready to free yourself from gravity? Are you ready to experience new sensations and a new form of interaction with nature?

Take the first step and become an Open Water Diver!

The perfect first entry level

  • Allow you to dive up to 18m depth.
  • Allow you to dive without an instructor.
  • Learn the basic physical effect of diving.
  • Learn the basic physical effect of diving.
  • Learn how to handle your own safety and that of your buddy’s during a dive.

Finally, enjoy time comfortably underwater out of earth’s gravity.

Blue Heaven Divers coursesOur promise to you

Experienced and passionate instructors; we will take as long as you need to make you the best diver you can be, for this reason we keep our groups as small as possible (usually two, maximum four students per instructor). For the same reason we give you an indicative time of four days to complete the course, but we are ready to extend or shorten it if you need or prefer. We aim to give you quality training and in order to provide that we will decide together a schedule for your own personal pace.

Course structure

Diving theory: You will be required to watch a few video and study with your instructor during some knowledge review session.

The purpose of these videos is to give you sufficient knowledge about the physical and biological areas of scuba-diving, to be able to plan a dive and more importantly to be able to recognize safe and unsafe diving practices during your travels.

Open Water CourseConfined water session: Theory is fun but practice is better! Do you know how to empty your mask underwater or how to use your lungs to control your new ability to rise and sink underwater? Don’t worry soon you will be able to comfortably do these as well as much more. Let us bring you into the shallow water to experiences and practice those skills. No worry, no stress, your instructor is here to show you and help you during this session. From our strong experience we will give you all the advice and tricks we know to let you master those skills.

Four open water dives: Under the supervision of your instructor, it is time to apply what you learnt in a natural environment and practice your newly mastered skills and of course enjoy this new world of beauty and freedom. The two first dives begin from the shore, the final two from the boat. The objective: dive number four is your certification dive, where your instructor will just be here as your buddy, together you will plan and enjoy the dive.

Open Water CourseIt is the beginning of your new life as a diver, congratulation!

Junior Course: For children from 10 years old to 15 years old. Depth will be limited to 12m for children less than 12 years old (automatically certified for 18m when they reach the appropriate age).  RM100 discount for family classes.

Approximate time: 3-4 days

Prerequisite: You will need to fill in a medical form prior to starting the in water activities, if any doubt a physician will have to make sure you are fit for diving. Don’t hesitate contacting us if you want to arrange an appointment, we have a doctor on the island.