Scubadiving coursesFrom beginner to experienced divers, our team of instructors will do their best to give you high quality training and make your course enjoyable.

Discuss your schedule prior to your course, enjoy using good equipment and riding on a fast boat. Our team promises you an unforgettable experience.

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SSI (Scuba Schools International) is one of the biggest diving association in the world; your certification will be internationally recognized.

Scubadiving coursesWhy choosing Blue Heaven Divers for your courses?

  • We take no more than 2 participants for your first try.
  • For courses, participant numbers are limited to 4 or less, to ensure we take care of every person.
  • We can teach in English, French or Japanese (book in advance to ensure instructor availability).

If you are a bigger group, contact us and we will see how we can organize your course to be sure we meet a good level of quality for your dive.


More information about our courses …

  • The time necessary to do your course will depend on you, as we try to maintain a high level of quality with our teaching we offer examples of timescales for each course, but we are happy to take more time if necessary or less if you are comfortable.
  • Certifications are based on performance not on timing, exercises can be challenging, stress is not part of our vocabulary, however, even if it is really fun and if we are adapting the schedule for you, we expect people to be ready to learn and to respect the schedule (sorry if you were hopping to party every night :-))
  • Our instructors teach in English, French and Japanese. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure of being able to follow in these languages as you do not need to be fluent to understand the courses.
  • For the French course, we predominantly teach in French, however we also use some English terms as in the future it is likely you will dive with English guides.