The shop is about a 5 minute walk after leaving ABC jetty. Take a left turn when leaving the pier and follow the only path.

The office

English dive books and underwater pictures are available at the shop, we also have Japanese and manga books! Do not hesitate to ask if you want to read some (assuming you can read Japanese :-))

Cats are an important part of the team.

Our boat

Our 2011 speed boat is 32 feet long and 7 feet wide, allowing giant stride entry from behind or back roll entry from the rear side, whichever is your preference.

The engine is a 200 horsepower two-stroke YAMAHA.

We can reach the local dive site in 5 minutes and coral island dive site in 15 minutes. Our boat is a 12 seat dive boat with tank holder (so no worrying about equipment getting damage during the trip).

Our motorbike

Tanks and equipment are transported by this Honda Dream motorbike with a sidecar.

Scuba-diving equipment

Our tanks are 11.2L aluminium. We also have 8L and 14L tank available if needed for children or big breathers 🙂

We fill the tanks ourselves in the dive centre, the purpose is to give us independence and be sure to avoid contaminated air.

Aqualung regulator balanced and unbalanced, serviced two times a year.

Wet suits are 2mm shorty, available in XXS to XXXL. We also have some full suits.

BCD are available in size XXS to L.

All BCD’s have octopus and gauge holder as well as a whistle and are serviced every year.

We have masks with correctives lens of different degrees if needed. Fins are open heel type with booties, making the entry easier.

There are two water tanks to rinse the equipment, one dedicated to regulators, computers and cameras to prevent damaging delicate equipment.