How to book to Blue Heaven Divers in 3 easy steps!
  • STEP 1 : You send us your booking request
  • STEP 2 : We check your booking availability and you pay a deposit
  • STEP 3 : We confirm your booking

STEP 1: Booking Form

Booking personal information :

Firstname* :
Name*        :
Email*      :
Phone :
Nationality :

Arrival date* : (DD-MM-YYYY)
Departure date : (DD-MM-YYYY)

Prefered language* :

Participant number and activity* :

participant to
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Book an accommodation for your courses :
During low season no need to book an accommodation there is always some places on the island. If you want to book an accommodation, please fill up the form below (see prices): (Deluxe means AC and hot water).

Option 1 first priority :
Number of rooms

Option 2 (if option 1 is unavailable) :
Number of rooms

Option 3 (if option 2 is unavailable) :
Number of rooms

Check-in date*  : (DD-MM-YYYY)
Check-out date* : (DD-MM-YYYY)
Number of people* :

Complete your booking if needed :

I agree to the terms and conditions of sale*.

* Those fields are mandatory.

STEP 2: Booking availability and deposit payment

We will send you an email in the next  working days to confirm the availability of your request and an online payment request. For scuba-diving courses or fun dives, you will have to pay a deposit of 10% of the total price (by credit card – secure by Paypal). To book an accommodation, you will have to pay a deposit of 1 night + 6% of booking fee for this first night.

Paypal payment

STEP 3: Booking confirmation

When the payment is done, you will receive by email a confirmation of your booking and all the information for your travel.

We are waiting for you 🙂 !

How to book your accommodation?

Please request your accommodation at the same time as book your scuba-diving. Follow this link to make your booking.

For accommodation we advise that you book at least 1 week prior to your arrival, or 1 month prior in the case of a public holiday or holiday weekend.

As some hotels on the island don’t have a large number of rooms, to ensure your room booking we will ask you to provide us with three accommodation options, if your first option is not available we will then attempt to book your second option and in the last instance your third option.

How does it work:

When you make a request for a room to be booked, we will in turn visit the family who own the accommodation. As people on Tioman are quite relaxed, there are usually no fixed opening times and for this reason we allow two working days to confirm the booking with you (just in case the owners are not reachable when we initially attempt to book). For the same reason we cannot check availability, we will attempt to make the booking and if it is not available we will either inform you or choose the same range of chalets (if available) in another location. This is also why we ask for three choices of accommodation.

The dive shop is not associated in any part with the chalets; we take no responsibility for the quality of your room, although we will try our best to give you any relevant information regarding your accommodation.

Payments are made directly at your accommodation. We will ask for a deposit to secure your room and this will be deducted from your accommodation price when you make the full payment (only the bank transfert price will not be deducted). Cash is definitely the best way to pay on the island; there are some accommodations who will accept credit cards, however terminals here are not always reliable.

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