AIDA3: Intermediate Freediver

The AIDA 3 is an intermediate course which builds on the skills learned in the AIDA 2 course. This course is designed to cover the necessary skills and knowledge for a recreational freediver to be able to safely freedive.

The aim of the course is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to independently plan and participate in freediving activities with similarly experienced freedive buddies.

The course is also designed to develop new skills and a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques for freediving such as free falling, Frenzel equalizing, training tables, the risks of increasing and decreasing pressure and how to minimize these risks.

You will train these skills in the most common disciplines of freediving; Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea and Constant Weight.

Course content:

  • 4 Theory Sessions followed by an exam
  • 2 Confined Water Sessions
  • 4 Open Water Sessions


3 days

Requirements for AIDA3 certification:

At the end of the course you will be able to meet those requirements:

  • Static breath-hold: +2:45 minutes
  • Vertical dive (constant weight): +24 to 30 depth
  • Horizontal dive (dynamic): +55 meters


To enroll in the AIDA 3 Freediver course, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older (16 years with parent or guardian consent);
  • Have successfully completed the AIDA 2 Open Water Freedive course or passing the AIDA Crossover Evaluation
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